Moving In workshop

Workshop: MOVING IN 18-22 August 2014 Helsinki, Finland
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At ‘Base Camp Eskus’ we will spend a week together, create our own mini-community, whilst live, on our doorstep is the construction performance of the century, Kalasatama, an ongoing ‘production with a huge ‘cast’.
With these performative transformations happening around us as a backdrop, we’ll attempt to navigate the tricky role the artist faces when working in a community setting linked to a regeneration remit. We’ll explore the ethics and pitfalls involved and then attempt to work together to make practical interventions in public space.

What to expect • A stimulating and playful environment to support you to be creative. • The chance to experiment and collaborate with interesting individuals. • There’ll be screenings introducing artists whose initiatives are deeply motivated by concerns for social justice and equality. • Armed with a “toolbox” of tactics and techniques, you’ll be supported to implement a small project of your own. • After the workshop we have the possibility to continue working together over the following weeks to present our work at Amorph14 festival in October.

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Animals invade the bank

Glad to be part of this invasion of golden toads, eagles, monkeys and other animals coming back to haunt the London HSBC bank as Rev Billy preaches about the banks role in funding projects that destroy the species.


Embrace Your Inner Luddite

10.00AM – 4.30PM

IMAGE: Brett Bloom from Temporary Services

Embrace Your Inner Luddite aims to bring out the rebelliousness in all of us, join My Dads Strip Club to imagine wild acts of consumer rebellion that reclaims and subverts urban space.


Royal Wedding magazine at the library

Something tells me that the worker at Sherwood library is not into the royal wedding.
Royal wedding


Change a-loo-yah!

Change a-loo-yah! The good Reverend is back in town, socking it to the forces of global consumerism and championing the local and the sustainable. Join him and his mighty fine Gospel Choir as they attempt to exorcise the demons of corporate commercialism! Catch up with us as we travel with them on tour.

14 July Nottingham
15 July Colchester
16 July Lattitude Fest
17 July London
18 July Liberate Tate London

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